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Deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV & LS Retail, Goldsun had standardized all the process for Business operation 

Customer Profile

Goldsun Vietnam Joint Stock Company (“Goldsun”) – formerly known as Nhat Quang Company Limited, was established in July 3, 1996, is recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of home appliances, stainless steel cookware and aluminum cookware. Overcome many difficulties and challenges, Goldsun has been a great development, built up a solid reputation in the market over the years until now. The company has mobilized and used the financial resources from internal as well as credit institutions effectively to invest in both width and depth. The company’s products have been displayed in over 3,000 agents, more than 20 outlets and customer service center across Vietnam. Empowered by latest technologies in the field and the commitment for high quality products, the name Goldsun is very well-known not only in the local market but also in Europe, North America, and Middle East.

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Aiming to become the top company in the field of manufacturing and trading of household products, Goldsun strives for excellence and strength through hardworking and innovation. In addition, Goldsun is constantly changing and evolving with many new development opportunities in future. In 2013, Goldsun decided to expand rapidly the retail business model, by opening two chains of stores Modern Life and Goldsun brands, to be located in several provinces of Vietnam.

To achieve sustainability and growth to drive business success, Goldsun’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of upgrading the management system, standardization of operating procedures, improvement of administrative effectiveness, helping the entrepreneur always be ready to adapt to the market volatility.

Goldsun’s existing IT systems was outdated and unable to meet the management requirements of its future growth. Especially, when Goldsun decided to deploy the retail business and online trading, the requirement for innovation management system, through the selection and deployment of a corporate governance award comprehensive ERP fitting for business, become extremely urgent.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail

Software and service are:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Window Server

Microsoft Window Terminal Server

After considering several solutions, Goldsun’s Board of Directors decided to choose the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail to drive the implementation forward and because this is one of the leading ERP solution in the world, proven high relevance for many successful customer deployment in Vietnam.

Under supporting of Naviworld Vietnam who has many experiences in deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with LS Retail solution, the Goldsun project has been successfully implemented and completed on schedule. The ERP system has been well processed and supported the entire business operations of Goldsun JSC including Ha Noi head office, HCM branch, Retail headquarter and the chain of all Modern Life and Goldsun stores.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV & LS Retail is a leading ERP solution, with fully integrated modules, extremely meet the requirements of a business management process, through comprehensive financial, purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and specifically strongly retail management functionalities.

This solution helps managing the data consistency and integrity throughout all stores in the chain stretches across Vietnam and support the increasingly database volume at the store and headquarters. Dynamics NAV solution is very flexible, allowing dynamic partners can build add-on to meet local requirements such as VAS packs and some specific processes of the retail sector.


The solution has helped Goldsun meeting most of the critical business requirement and processes of a modern retail chain, being the solid foundation for the development and expansion of stores chain. With Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, Goldsun has been able to open 20 stores within 1 year.

As the unique partner in Vietnam has implemented systems for the majority of retail stores on LS Retail platform, with a highly professional team of retail, NaviWorld Vietnam helped Goldsun implemented ERP system and support the company in terms of building all retail management business processes.

Goldsun recognized the significant improvements on business managementthrough Microsoft Dynamics Solution.

Based on the platform of Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, Goldsun has the great business experience because of a perfect integration system. Inventory system is updated not only for the central warehouse but also for each individual sales channel and outlets nationwide. Users are authorized to access the central system, manage, share and capture the needed information for their job including the status of revenue, debt, stock balances as well as pricing, promotion policy, etc., at any time. Microsoft solution brings the people, processes and technology closer, increasing control, improving productivity, business efficiency, thereby increasing profits and better support for businesses growth.

Goldsun has cut more than 50% of the time in terms of data access and business reports execution through the centralized Microsoft Dynamics NAV & LS Retail system.

The integration of LS Retail on Dynamics NAV platform enables data management is done in a synchronous manner, seamlessly through the whole company. Therefore, managers should not have to wait to gathering the data and reporting manually from the departments as before. The reports can be provided almost immediately, maximum support the BOD for analyzing and making business decision.

Goldsun has inherited and successfully applied the advanced functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics, as a reliable platform to implement and develop new business creativeness and enhance the competitiveness for the enterprise.

The new system provides powerful features, was built and developed from lessons of practical business management in the world over for decades. Goldsun could use the system to implement business ideas and new selling price policy easily, thereby increases revenue while ensuring the tighter control and higher profit. The sales and marketing policies, relating to the pricing policy, promotion campaigns, voucher processing, coupon, combining with discount management for the customer classes, can be deployed more easily than ever, through the mechanism of synchronization and real-time data interaction between the central systems and store databases nationwide.

“Many studies have recently shown that an organization or business that is using or installing an illegal software will have a 73% higher risk of losing important data, 55% of unrecoverable data when the host system is broken, and a higher virus-infection rate, etc. … Being proud of the aligning with Intellectual Property rights, Goldsun decided to choose Microsoft Dynamics under support of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Naviworld Vietnam, Goldsun would be absolutely guaranteed not to face similar consequences such as their system is hacked, decreased network security, data discrepancies and losing of particularly important information”, said Mr. Pham Cao Vinh, CEO of Goldsun

The success of Goldsun is proven. The chain has now expanded to 20 stores across Vietnam including Can Tho, Ha Noi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh. In 2014, Goldsun continue to expand operations, increase the number of retail stores across the country, branding Goldsun closer to consumers nationwide.

Goldsun has received many accolades over the years, including being recognized by The Vietnam Gold Star Award, the “Trademark – Brand” Gold Cup, The Vietnamese High Quality Goods award, ISO9001-2000 International Quality Certificate, “Trust and Use” Award.                                                     


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