Enhancing Hospitality Operations

The hospitality industry is constituted of an array of sub-industries

  • Restaurants & Food Service

    Propelled by an improving economy, the restaurant industry has met with increasing sales in the past few years. Despite the positive trend, restaurant operators are still facing a number of challenges which can affect their revenue and performance.

    From tough competition, to the complexities of order management, to the necessity to deliver food quickly and precisely with outstanding service, restaurateurs’ success and reputation have always depended on much more than just the food they serve.

    With food costs on the rise and ever changing consumers’ demands, if a restaurant or food service business wants to succeed, they need to cut food and operational expenses as well as find innovative ways to meet their clients’ expectations and therefore ensure new and repeat customers.

  • Quick & Fast service

    Diners are increasingly attracted to restaurants and food service companies that offer fast service at good prices in a relaxed atmosphere.

    However, customers have come to expect high quality of service from even the most easy-going quick-service and fast casual establishments. No matter if you work in a café, pub, bakery or quick service restaurant chain, the delivery of food needs to be fast, but it must also be accurate, professional and error-free.

    Flexibility is also very important. More and more people have food allergies or intolerances, or follow specific diets. Every food outlet is expected to give their customers the possibility to customize their order, adding or removing specific topping or ingredients at will.

  • Full service restaurants

    Full service restaurants that have been quick in adopting technological innovations to cater for increasingly personalized orders and that focused on higher flexibility in menus, have been thriving in recent years.
    It is no longer enough to offer high-quality food with timely and excellent service. Fine dining and full service establishments that want to maintain their competitive advantage need to make sure they have all the necessary tools to attend to their customers’ changed needs.
    Full service restaurants must be able to offer accurate table and order management as well as fast ordering and checkout processes. Customers also want more flexibility when ordering, to be able to receive nutritional information of each menu item, customize their meal and pay directly at the table.

  • Hotels & Resorts

    Do you use disparate software systems to run your business mix of accommodation, retail, booking services, and restaurants? Then don’t be surprised if you experience data inconsistencies, have high costs, and can’t follow the guest journey.

    With our solution for Retaill, you can use just one platform to run your hospitality, hotel, retail and event business. On top of a traditional hotel Property Management System (PMS), you get deep retail- and hospitality-specific functionality. This means you can easily manage all your key processes: checks-ins, check-outs, spa bookings, reservations, retail sales, table and kitchen management – you name it. And since it’s a single platform, you get complete oversight.

A fully integrated front-back office retail software solution can help you to

Timely orders, correct orders

Prepare dishes timely and in the right order thanks to the clear and highly intuitive kitchen management system.

From bar-side to table-side

Offer your customers an omni-channel experience with a breadth of mobility solutions, from online ordering to take-out, to mobile payment processing.

Increase the pace of operations

Speed up your staff and register operations thanks to our intuitive cash and POS graphic interface.

Quick staff training

Simplify staff training with just one system for your hotel bookings and check-ins, retail sales, restaurant, spas, gyms, and more.



A flexible set of solutions that can be easily adapted to your operational needs, deployed quickly and easy-to-use


Combination of our deep business knowledge and the latest technology solutions with hundred of successful projects


Tailored-to-Business localization solution meets requirements of Accounting and Tax Compliance.


Local support in Australia, and expertized Naviworld global network.

LS Retail helps Al’ Fresco to manage restaurant chain effectively

Started since 1996 AL Fresco’s Group (“Alfresco’s”) is one of the leading restaurants of Pizza brands in Vietnam. Alfresco’s is now running 49 restaurants in shopping areas, streets in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and other cities.

With rapid store-expanding Alfresco’s is looking for an experienced solution provider to help them to upgrade existing business information software system to a new platform in order to meet their business strategy to have an integrated system which centralizes all data from financial transactions, inventory, procurement, restaurant POS process and customer services into a database to support value-added management decisions and LS Retail deployed by NaviWorld is their final selection.

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