The digitization of content has completely changed how media companies think about the creation, production, marketing, distribution and monetization of content. As their audiences find new ways to consume entertainment, whether it’s through tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, PCs, gaming or mixed reality devices, the competition for attention has never been greater.

Critical trends directly impact the future of the industry

  • Trend #1: An explosion of content

    Content is everywhere, on every device, available 24/7. This has changed the relationship between traditional media companies and their audiences and created a wave of direct-to-consumer (D2C) services. At the same time, consumer expectation has forced media companies to re-imagine content creation and content management.

  • Trend #2: Radically changing advertising dynamics

    The explosion of digital content delivered via paid streaming services – and consumers’ general affinity for digital programming – has caused a multi-year decline in TV ad spending. Digital ad spending is increasing in parallel and is likely to surpass traditional ad spending.

  • Trend #3: Rethinking trust in a new era of data privacy

    Ad-targeting is good for the advertiser, but it must be good for the consumer too. Trust in media – particularly news media – is at an all-time low, and repeated breaches of security and privacy across social media networks and advertising giants have made customers leery of how much they are willing to share. 

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Inspire creativity and collaboration

Enable creative teams to produce higher quality, more innovative cloud media content by augmenting human ingenuity.

Optimize the digital supply chain

Manage your content better and get it to market fast by moving to an intelligent cloud.

Engage and monetize audiences

Grow audiences and increase advertising revenue by delivering unforgettable experiences with personalized content and services.



A flexible set of solutions that can be easily adapted to your operational needs, deployed quickly and easy-to-use


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Tailored-to-Business localization solution meets requirements of Accounting and Tax Compliance.


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DatVietVAC engaged with NaviWorld on Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation

Founded in 1994, DatVietVAC is Vietnam’s first privately-owned media and communication agency. Positioned for the 4.0 industrial revolution, DatVietVAC worked with NaviWorld to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV system from 2010, which help the group to manage business operation effectively and optimize data management of transmedia  from 95 million Vietnamese.

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