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The Face Shop Việt Nam - Từ phần mềm truyền thống đến phần mềm quản lý bán hàng mỹ phẩm hiện đại

The Face Shop Viet Nam from home-grown software to a world-known system

HSV Group is the exclusive retail distributor of best-selling Korean cosmetic brand The Face Shop in Vietnam. Since 2005, HSV has grown continuously, and now runs 81 stores with ‘The Face Shop’ brand. HSV is planning huge growth, expecting to expand more stores across Vietnam in the future.

The needed implement new software system for beauty industry

HSV’s old system was a local software developed in house. There was no integration between POS and back office. As the company grew, the system became inadequate, as it could not manage financial analysis, stock and warehouse information, or the stores’ complex sales and promotions. As the solution was home-grown, there was no external support available, which made new staff training lengthy, complex and costly.

Accounting and financial data had to be gathered, analyzed and evaluated manually, which was a slow and complicated process – and a severely inadequate one for the goals of developing a viable business strategy. The system required a lot of manual work, much of which ended up being duplicate, wasting employees’ time and the company’s money. Management soon realized that the lack of integration was causing errors, loss of data, instability, and issues related to data security.

Why should choose the LS NAV from Microsoft?

HSV began to evaluate the business applications available in the market, from local to world-class software. The company realized that while most players in the market only fit either back-office or front-office requirements, LS Nav is a perfect combination of both.

LS Nav offers integrated POS and ERP, with data flowing from back to front without duplicate processes. The option of running the system in Vietnam a great plus for store users operating the POS. The fame of Microsoft was the final piece of the puzzle which convinced HSV that LS Nav was the right system for their stores.

Effectiveness of LS NAV for Beauty industry

Tính hiệu quả của phần mềm quản lý bán hàng mỹ phẩm LS NAV

  • Updated, actionable data

In the past, HSV was unable to rely on their financial data and sale and inventory reports. With LS Nav, HSV finally has access to clear, real-time data as regards stock and sales, and can use this information to improve the business.

  • Improved promotion management

With LS Nav, it’s easy to createvarious types of promotions. Before using LS Nav, store employees had to manually enter the discount in percentage points, which caused lot of mistakes. Now, all complicated promotions are automatically calculated by the system. When a new promotion is launched, the system can analyze feedback through different variables, such as location base, domestic base, loyalty member/non-member and so on. As a result, the marketing team can better plan and launch campaigns, and produce higher returns.

  • Advanced product management

HSV has experienced great benefits from implementing the LOT function in LS Nav. This functionality has helped HSV control products, expiry dates, logistics, slow-moving stock and much more, proving to be an important support in the company’s long-term growth.

  • Competent support

Dịch vụ hỗ trợ

LS Nav was implemented by NaviWorld Vietnam, a local LS Retail deployment partner. Although the system change proved challenging at first, the company soon was satisfied with the choice. Even if HSV had never gone through a software implementation, the journey was successful thanks to the support of the Naviworld Vietnam team, who used their professional experience and retail knowledge to improve processes and solve whatever problem arose.

HSV was very happy with the support Naviworld provided, and thankful for their competence and ability to see the project to a successful end. The company plans to grow to 100 stores in the next few years, and they are confident that LS Nav and Naviworld can provide them with the best solution for their future.

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** Fanpage: NaviWorldVietnam

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